Eight Steps To Installing Sliding Closet Doors

Apartment at Woollerton Park - Singapore - modern - closet - other metro - ArchitologyInstalling sliding wardrobe doors not only makes access to your own clothes much more convenient, it gives your own bedroom an instant face lift. Sliding doorways, also referred to as bypass doors, are your very best option for maximizing space, which is a pleasant improvement in a smaller room. Installing the tracks and the doors is not really as nearly as difficult while you might think either.

Eight Steps

1 . Take Measurements – You will need to measure the opening where the doorway will go. It is a good idea to gauge the top and the bottom of the room just to be safe. Record these types of measurements and take them with you towards the hardware store.

2 . Choose Your Material – There are different varieties of wood to choose from or you may want to set up mirrors. Make sure that you pick upward wood stain and related components if your timber is unfurnished.

three or more. Prep Your Doors – If you are working with raw materials, you may need to fine sand, stain and let them dry nevertheless , many doors come ready to set up when you buy them so this step defintely won’t be necessary.

4. Remove Old Door(s) – Whether you have a standard doorway or old wardrobe sliding doors presently leading into your closet, they will have to be removed. The old track may also need to be removed using a screwdriver too because chances are, you won’t need some of the old hardware other than the door instructions.

5. Track Install – Using your drill, you will install the top and lower track, make sure that this fits right against the door starting. You may want to use a shim in order to level the track if necessary.

six. Mounting – If you had slipping doors before, you can use the previous area as a guide to mount the mounting brackets. Make sure that the screws are usually tightly seated so that the tops of these won’t interfere with the movement from the rollers. However, take caution to not over tighten them or they could warp which will inhibit smooth doorway movement.

7. Rollers – The rollers will need to be mounted on the doors following a manufacturer’s instructions. Some kits may already have these mounted for you.

8. Hang your new doors on their songs.

Helpful Tips

� The most popular door height is 80 inches however , this can vary based on the age, location and overall structural design of your home. Doors can easily be custom-made to individual specifications if necessary

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