Expanding The Master Bedroom Closet (yet More Demo)

Cannon breaks ground for future dormA randomly by-product of our kitchen redesign is expanding the master bedroom wardrobe. I get that kitchens plus closets seem totally unrelated, yet follow me down the rabbit opening for a moment. We’ve long prepared to take over one of our boy’s two closets to add his additional closet square footage to our learn closet, but we just hadn’t gotten around to it (ahem, it’s not like it’s been four yrs or anything). So when we took some square footage from the visitor room for our kitchen, and we needed to move the guest room doorway to open off the entry, we chose to ditch the old hollow core visitor door for one of our original wood ones. Enter the original spare wardrobe door courtesy of our cutie’s extra closet.

To be clear, a child has a two closets, one of that is by far the biggest closet in the house. And he has the fewest clothes. So not fair. So I don’t at all feel bad appropriating their second closet. It actually can make great sense to take his wardrobe because it abuts our master bedroom wardrobe. The plan was to take more than his closet and then wallboard from the old doorway to his area. How about one of my actually classy diagrams to illustrate the particular closet configuration and plans, Don’t mind if I do.

See that will dashed line there, That’s a huge wall-o-wood (non-structural) we attacked using a sledgehammer. But not before all of us let the kids color all over the walls first.

Seriously, who doesn’t wish to color on the walls,! Okay, We snuck in some marker-time, too. Then once we partied with the sledgehammers plus crowbars, things looked like this:

Once we cleaned up all that aged demo material, it looked like this particular:

That wallpaper! Those flooring! That water damage on the ceiling! Was I really using that closet within the past four years without noticing those techniques, Apparently, yes. But now that I’ve noticed, all that is getting updated. Big time.

To be honest, I’ve been spending waaaaay more time focusing on the closet than doing anything at all on our kitchen. That’s probably exactly why we are still living with a cooking area that only has an operable kitchen sink and an operable fridge and haven’t quite ordered floors or even cabinets yet. And the kitchen sink has a leak. Nice.

And randomly kicker of this story: we didn’t even end up using the closet doorway we removed from the old closet for the guest room! Ugh. It wound up being too small and we experienced one other random spare door that will worked better – yes, this might sound like we are running a door shop out of our house. The good news is the fact that our hare-brained idea prompted all of us to kick our closet directly into high-gear. So next up is usually beadboard, paint, trim, etc . We already shared a sneak look of our dramatic closet (black plus

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