How To Decorate Your Master Bedroom In Victorian Style

Best 25+ Master closet layout ideas on Pinterest - Master ...The Victorian style bedroom has always been ideal Unapologetically come true. Exuding femininity, the particular Victorian era lasted more than 70 years, from the 1830s to 1900.

One of the main reasons for its reputation was its romanticism. The bed room of the Victorian era was really romantic. The fabrics were frilly and lacy. The woods had been dark and ornate and the area was filled with memories, collectibles plus knick-knacks of friends, family and distant places.

When decorating your room Victorian, you want to start with the furniture. The bed should be made of throw iron or brass. If you had been very Victorian, your beds will be twins, but there are queens plus kings that are in the Victorian design. The bedding needs to be elaborate, with a lot of flounces and trims. It’s difficult to go over the top in terms of ornate plus elaborate when it comes to Victorian bedding.

The rest of the furniture should be highly switched wood, bamboo or wicker, that have been all in favor at the time. The forest tended to be darker, such as maple, even though oak works well too if you want to put in a little “brightness” to the room. You can accent these with metal hardware and doilies on the top.

An armoire is an excellent choice, since they had been used as a closet in many Victorian rooms. If you don’t need the additional wardrobe space, convert it into a good entertainment center and bring a small amount of the modern world into the bedroom.

A large reflection is essential for the Victorian look. The floor length mirror in a corner is advisable, but you can also go with a make-up mirror above the dresser or perhaps a large mirror on the door.

The Victorian period loved the look associated with Oriental art and styles. Straw pads, hooked rugs or Oriental carpets made perfect floor coverings. The love of the Far East reaches wall coverings. Oriental tapestries had been highly popular in the Victorian period and it’s easy to find them on the market today.

If you want to create a totally authentic appearance, fill the tables with little pictures of children, flowers, animals plus maidens. These should be either monochrome or hand tinted. Color pictures didn’t exist in the era. Fresh flowers were also in vogue. Place them in Victorian-style vases. If you want to hit a home run, put in a washbasin with a pitcher on the bureau.

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