Master Bedroom Custom Closet Mini-Reveal

... Master bedroom, Tuscany House in Pietrasanta - Advert 38142My closets are done!! This is a mini-reveal because of the photos. This is my phone camera due to the fact I lost the charger towards the new camera. Already. (So. Mad. ) The pictures are terrible…. it’s so much prettier in actual life. I’ll update when I get a brand new charger for my new digital camera.
I was so excited to load all of them up that I didn’t even have the shelves painted. And now I most likely never will….. but that’s okay, because I am so happy about this. It really wasn’t even that costly, and I can’t believe I failed to do it before:

If you need a father and live in MA, do your favor and call this guy within the sidebar – Bryan Marcella in Marcella and Sons. I just fulfilled him this week for the first time (he had been recommended by a mutual friend) plus added him to my sidebar currently (with no fee) because he is the greatest. Affordable, SO skilled, arrives promptly, cleans up, etc . I can’t suggest highly enough and I’m therefore glad I found him – it could be tough finding good contractors. And he’s a super nice guy, as well. ————————>
This picture gives a much better idea of how tiny the “walk in” closet really is – 4×4 foot – so it is kind of important to increase the space that I do have:

Another awful one. The pinks are too red and the whites are yellow, however, you get the idea:

The some other side, with the two hanging pubs. Doubling the room by just adding the bar – it’s about time I did this particular:

It’s a little weird being able to notice everything that I had buried before. And it’s happy, but also sad, since there are things that were my mother’s plus things that she gave me as presents (rather than inheritance) that restore such strong memories. I think everyday “I can’t wait to tell Mom!” before I remember that she actually is gone, but I’ve noticed Now i’m doing it even more the last couple of days.
Here is why:
It might be weird, yet I have a lot of memories attached to sneakers and bags. My mom might understand. She and my grandma used to run into each other in footwear departments all over Boston. And whenever my mom and I would get separated within a department store, neither worried because we all knew we’d catch up with each other close to the Manolos: ) We also do this closet, which is also in the learn, but is a really weird sloped shape. It’s more of an utility wardrobe (towels, fan, etc . ) therefore it is never really going to be “styled,” yet I wanted to show you in case you have strange closets like these.

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